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April 1, 2012
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"Achoo~" You sneezed and rubbed your bright red nose. You were completely lost in the deep dark woods, you had decided to run away from home as your parents had scolded you for not eating your veggies, for an 8 year old you found it unfair and mean that they made you do such a thing and thought it would be best if you ran away to teach them a lesson. Of course you only planned on running away for 5 minutes until you reached the lamppost at the end of your driveway but you wanted to be brave, so you ended up lost in the middle of the woods all alone with no food. You kept walking in hope you'd find the exit to this never ending nightmare. The wind began to blow a gale and small droplets began to fall from the sky. You made yourself comfortable under an overgrown bush. You hugged your knees and let out small whimpers. 'Why did I runaway? Mamma and Daddy are going to kill me! What if I don't find a way home?' You cried harder when you heard the sound of thunder and a bright flash of lighting lit up the whole forest and the rain got heavier. The rain seeped through your Hello Kitty t-shirt causing you to shiver. You sat there in the rain, freezing cold and terrified, crying your eyes out. "I WANT MY MAMM—" you your cut off by the sound of leaves rustle from behind, you quickly turned around something was lurking in bush behind you, a shadowy figure quickly ran past again. You hugged your knees tighter; you sniffled and gulped loudly trying to stop yourself from crying. The rustling for the leaves grew louder and louder until they finally stop…right behind you. You stiffened and buried your head into your chest. "G-Go away…please don't hurt me!" You yelled, you remembered your mother saying something about men stealing children and doing as she described 'naughty' things to them. "What's wrong?" The voice asked from behind thick in an English accent. You ignored the person and continued to hold back the tears. The rain had settled a bit and the lighting had stopped. "Excuse but I believe it's rude to ignore someone!" The voice asked again this time he sounded more annoyed.  You turned and faced the person, what stood in front of you was a little boy around 8/9 with shaggy blonde hair, piercing emerald eyes and the most unusual eyebrows. He wore a deep ivy green cloak that covered most of his body and face. You stared into his emerald eyes for a while they somewhat comforted you. "And it's rude to stare…" He stated. "Oh…I-I'm sorry." You mumbled and bowed your head. "It's alright! Now why is a little girl out in the woods on a day like this, all on her own?" He asked and held out his hand. You hesitantly took it and he helped you up. You explained the whole 'I ran away' story to him and he nodded understanding way you ran away. "Well, you're the lucky one at least you have a family…all I have is that douchebag Francis…my siblings left me a long time ago" He sighed. "By the way my name is Arthur Kirkland and you are?" "_____ _____."
"Lovely name, so where do you live…?"  He asked slightly curious why an 8 year old was in the middle of the woods in the rain crying. "Err….I'm kind of lost…" You replied a bit embarrassed. "It's alright you can stay with me from awhile if you want?" he smiled. Where else could you go? You had no idea how to get home, so you agreed to go home with him.

He brought you to a tall oak tree; he stood and smiled at the huge tree. "Home sweet home~" he sang, you looked at the tree completely confused. "T-This is where you live?" You asked raising an eyebrow. "Indeed, make yourself at home!" and with he grabbed your hand. He somehow managed to get you onto the first bench of the tree. "Alright on the count of 3 we're going to jump into that hole in the tree!" He pointed to a rather big hallow slot in the tree. You steadily made your way to the entrance to the hole. "…1…" "…2…" "…3…" You jumped into the hole and landed inside the tree. You looked around in awe; the inside of the tree was hallow and looked like the tree where 'Peter Pan' and 'the Lost Boys' lived. Your eyes scanned the room, cobwebs hid in each corner, a small hammock was attached to the side of the wall, a few little cupboards stretched across the side of the tree, it was rather dull and gloomy and the only source of light came from the moon that shone through the gap in which you fell from.  You felt something nibble your bare toes, you looked down to find the cutest little bunny you had ever seen in your life! It was snow white with brown ears and a little brown tail. It was so cute! You picked it up and cuddled it; the feel of its fur tickled your cheek. "I'll make you a bed since you'll be staying here from now on~" Arthur smiled. Did he really think you'd stay with him forever? Surely he knew you had to leave! He still had his hood up as if he was hiding something and that made you curious. "I'm sorry but I can't stay forever…." You spoke, slowly getting up from the dirty ground keeping the bunny close. "W-What do you mean?" He asked slowly his tone changed from cheerful to anxious. "Arthur I have a family, I need to go back…" You paused, looking at his sad expression made your little heart break. "I need to go home…..tomorrow…"
"Fine, leave me…like every other bloody wanker did." He yelled his tone was furious and it frightened you.
"…A-Arthur--" "Don't even bother…just go to sleep in that bed…" He cut you off and pointed to the hammock, you could tell by his voice he was hurt and felt lonely but you needed to go home…it wasn't your fault. You made your way to the hammock but stopped when you felt an arm on yours. You turned around, Arthur pulled down his cloak, took it off revealing what looked like a white dress like gown thing and bunny ears…..WHAT? Your eyes widen in shock. 'W-Why does he have b-bunny…ears?' "Stop looking…and take this." He muttered and handed you his cloak. You titled your head slightly in confusion. "….your probably cold, your clothes are still wet." He was right you were freezing and your clothes were soaked. You accepted it gladly and wrapped the deep green cloak around you, it was still warm and smelt of nature…flowers, trees and the fresh smell of the great outdoors. You looked again at the ears on his head; they were a sandy colour and looked rather cute on him you just wanted to give him a big hug.
"It's a spell…" he muttered, noticing you staring at him. You blushed slightly and turned towards the hammock, the bunny still in your arms it had fallen asleep by now. You wanted to ask more questions about Arthur's ears but decided against it, you didn't want to be rude. You hopped onto the basket like bed, snuggled up to the bunny and drifted into a deep slumber.

Making sure you were asleep, Arthur made his way over to you. He stood and looked at you for a bit before holding his bunny ears. He leaned closer to you and chanted a spell, to seal the spell he kissed you on the cheek. "Let's hope we meet again…" He mumbled and made a make-shift bed from a piece of cloth and some leafs, he too slowly drifted into a slumber.

Your eyes fluttered open; you wiped the sleep away from your crusted eyes and let out a yawn. You look around, you weren't in the hallow tree you were in your bed room…your eyes opened in shock. "W-Was that all a dream…." You looked down at your clothes, you were still in your Hello Kitty t-shirt and the cloak….the cloak that belonged to the lonely boy in the woods, was still wrapped around you…how? You were so confused. You quickly jumped out of your bed and ran down into your kitchen. You slid across the kitchen floor on one foot; you struggled to regain your balance but finally got on your two feet again. "_______, what would you like for breakfast?" Your mother asked an innocent smile on her face, almost as if last night didn't happen. "Oh, honey where did you get that smelly old cloak?" She looked cautiously at the cloak around you. "W-What do you mean mamma? I ran away last night…when I did I get home??!!" You asked confused. Was it actually a dream…? "Ha-ha, dear you got as far as the lamppost at the end of the driveway and then ran back crying 20 minutes later!" She chuckled and brought you into a motherly hug. "….Arthur…." You whispered. "B-But I was with Arthur…he had bunny ears? I was in the woods?" You questioned yourself. "Sounds like an odd dream to me!" Your mother smiled stroking your hair. You nodded and sat down to eat your breakfast.

7 years later…. (You are now 15)

Years past since the odd experience with Arthur. One part of you told you that it was all a dream but deep down you knew it wasn't, the encounter with the bunny child in the woods was real but you eventually decided to believe it was a dream.

You were deep in thought as you sat in History doodling all over your history book mostly giving everything huge eyebrows. "_______, are you alright?" You felt something nudge your arm and you jerked up from your seat. "THE ANSWER IS….err…..4!" You yelled and quickly sat down releasing what you did. Your face went completely red from embarrassment when the whole class laughed at your foolish actions. "Dude, we're in history not math…." Your friend said, trying to hold in their laughter. You sighed and placed your head on the desk.

One the way home from school you noticed a bunny sitting mindlessly on the side of the road. "Awwww~ look how cute it is!" You squealed and ran over to it. You picked it and snuggled it close to your cheek.
Flash back.
"I'm sorry but I can't stay forever…."
"W-What do you mean?"
"Arthur I have a family, I need to go back…tomorrow."
"Fine, leave me…like every other bloody wanker did!"
Flashback done
"….Arthur…?" Your eyes widened as your gaze slowly made its way to the bunny in your hand. It was snow white with brown ears and tail, just like the one from your 'dream' when you were younger. The bunny wiggled from your arms and began to hop into the woods nearby. You chased the bunny and it began to pick up speed.
It finally stopped running. You huffed and puffed trying to regain your breath. You eventually regained your breath and looked up, your eyes widened in shock as in front of you stood a boy around the age of 16, dressed in a ragged cloak that covered most of his face and body, a white gown underneath. He had piercing green eyes, bushy eyebrows and sandy blonde hair. He bent down and picked up the bunny that nibbled at his feet. "I see you found my bunny." He said gently patting the fluffy creature on its head. "I have been looking everywhere for this little rascal." He had the most alluring English accent that made your heart swoon at every word he spoke, yet you knew his face from somewhere. He smirked and took down the cloak that covered his bunny ears. Your eyes widened again as you began to remember the lonely boy in the woods. "…Arthur…" Your voice was shaky and you began to slowly walk towards the boy. "Yes love, it's been awhile! I thought you'd never find me, I thought I'd be stuck as a half bunny half man forever!" He smiled. "W-What do you mean 'I'd never come'?" You questioned. So all this time you were right it wasn't a dream! That night in the wood and Arthur that was all real! But how? How was it when you asked your mother about you running away she told you, you only got as far as the lamppost? It didn't make any sense. "Do you not remember, I saved you when you were younger in the rain?"
"Yes I remember clearly now…" you muttered.
"You left me…"
"Only because I had to go home…."
"I know, dear and it would've been selfish of me if I didn't let you leave."
"But why was it when I woke up the next morning I was in my own bed and not in the hammock in which I feel asleep in? Also when I asked my mamma when I got back she after running away she told me I only got as far as the lamppost?" You asked, staring directly into his mesmerising emerald eyes. "Magic my dear~" He smirked placing the bunny on the ground and held out his hand, within seconds a blue flame was shining from his hand, he clicked his fingers and turned it into a rose. You stood there in awe as he made a rose appear in thin air. He bowed and handed you the rose, you accept the rose and blushed slightly. "Now love, will you break this curse for me?" He asked a mischievous smirk can plastered on his face. "H-How…can I do that….?" You stuttered trying to avoid eye contact. "With true loves kiss silly! Have you ever read fairy tales?" He then grabbed you by the waist and pulled you into a passionate kiss. 'Oh my goodness what the hell is happening!!?? What do I know?? I knew I should've paid attention when (insert name of bff) was talking about love!!' You screamed in your head before kissing him back. The two for you parted and Arthur began to sparkle, his bunny ears began to fade and he soon looked normal. He smiled sheepishly at you and you smiled shyly back at him. "May I be your prince charming?" He smiled and bowed chivalrously taking your hand and kissing it gently. "Y-Yes!!" You squeaked he chuckled. "Promise me you won't leave me this time?" He smiled and you nodded not wanting this moment to end.

Too bad the end~
I don't know why I did this but I wanted to write a chibirisu reader insert for easter and this happened xD!! This idea was stuck in my head for the whole week .

Sorry for any mistakes.....

Enjoy and comment!

I don't own hetalia or you!

This 2,461 words and 14 pages....woah...thats a lot for me !
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